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Philosophically, Arrington Lumber & Pallet believes that the highest concern of our customers is reliability.

Philosophically, Arrington Lumber & Pallet believes that the highest concern of our customers is reliability. To this end, the company has geared itself toward ensuring its ability to produce and deliver top quality products on a timely basis. To accomplish this, we have six modern nailing machines, six sawmills, nine cut-up sawlines, and a fleet of over twenty-five trucks to deliver our pallets.

Technically, Arrington Lumber & Pallet has readily embraced change in the industry. We are a SPEQ certified vendor and an active member in the NWPCA. In the 1990s we were among the first to utilize bandsaws in our cut-up lines which decreased the amount of waste generated per cut. In January 1998, we completed installation of a state-of-the-art Cooper scragmill which features computer-assisted processing, laser-enhanced cut-ups, and two semi-automated slab-reclamation sawlines. Then, in 2002 we installed a Baker Tri-Scrag Mill which allows us to utilize a smaller log to cut lumber without sacrificing efficiency. The decision proved to be so effective that we installed another in 2005 and again in 2007. This decision proves again and again to have been a game changer in terms of sheer production.

As noted above, we have six Viking nailing machines which are computer driven both in parameter and production mode. Via these Viking nailing machines, we are capable of building truckloads of 3, 4, or 5 stringer pallets in a very efficient and precise process. Over the 20+ years of operating Viking machines we have learned how to operate them at great efficiency, however we are never satisfied and always are striving for new ways to improve our process with the implementation of technology.

Speaking of reliability earlier directly translates to our physical processes, but often overlooked (especially in this industry) is the value that informations systems play in scheduling, organizing, and facilitating communication in the manufacturing process. Our operations are driven by a fully custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package covering Order to Invoice, AR, AP and every other business process we undergo. This package was written specifically for OUR business processes and collects loads of data to ensure that we are operating at a very high level of efficiecy. You, the customer see this directly in the bottom line.