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History of the Company

Arrington Lumber & Pallet Co. has been building quality wooden pallets since 1963. Our East Texas location gives us easy access to markets in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, as well as Texas. Our one-day driving distance from five of the largest metropolitan areas in the country (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas/Ft Worth, New Orleans, and Oklahoma City) allows us to service many large companies involved in the petro-chemical, construction supplies, computer manufacturing, and food processing industries.

He and one helper cut the lumber to proper specification, swung hammer at nail to build the pallets...

In 1963 E.C. Arrington began to build pallets at a rented facility near Rusk, TX. He and one helper cut the lumber to proper specification, swung hammer at nail to build the pallets, and loaded them just a few at a time. During those days they produced one full truckload of pallets per week. After a couple of years a visionary hometown banker financed some used equipment for him, and Mr. Arrington was able to increase production to two, three and more loads per week. As production increased, other workers were hired and facilities were expanded.

In 1972, Mr. Arrington was joined in the business by his son Eddie who began to revolutionize the company. Pallets were built at three different locations until Arrington Lumber & Pallet moved to its present location just south of Jacksonville, TX in 1975. Production gradually built to a level of 10 to 12 loads per week in the 1980s.

Eventually, a the decision was made to make a heavy investment in the company with the goal of increasing the output capacity. This investment upgrade was effected over a ten year period and at its completion allowed the company to produce 12,000+ pallets per day operating a single-shift schedule.

Again in the early 1990s a relatively new technology was rolled out over the next few years. Thin kerf bandsaws had been developed to replace gang saw cut-up lines and the Arrington’s were buying. The much thinner blade vs the age old gang saw saved enough per cut to squeeze and extra board out of the same material.

Concurrent to the changes in the cut-up department the company began to replace old Viking Duo Matic nailers with the newer, more-modern and computer driver Turbo 504s. Over the next 15 years the company phased in a total of 6 of these machines and their successors, the Turbo 505 which is capable of producing 5-stringer pallets.

In 2004, Eddie was joined by his son Kyle who represents the third generation of Arrington to have a hand in the company. Truly the definition of a family business, under Kyle’s direction the company has adopted even more technology to collect, track, and report on operations, manage the information flow between Arrington and it’s customers, and reduce the latency of internal communication.

In 2016 the company again began to heavily invest in modernized equipment and processes, resulting in a significant reduction in labor required to operate it's sawmills and manufacturing facility. Between 2016 and 2018 the company's 3 Baker Tri-Scragg Sawmills were upgraded and redesigned to increase speed and yield, reduce labor requirements, and better fit the realities of East Texas timber supply.